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Briggs and Stratton 14.5 H.P. shearing flywheel key

15 years ago

My mothers Briggs engine wouldn't start for her so looking it over I found the starter gear to be missing teeth. I replaced the ring gear and this is where the problem started.

I installed the flywheel but forgot my torque wrench so I used a chunk of 2x4 and hoped to seat the flywheel on the taper of the crank. I tightened the bolt down as much as I could with a 1/2 in. socket wrench. I know maybe not the smartest thing I've done but she lives an hour away.

Trying to start the engine it fired and then off again on again random fire. Pulled the flywheel back off and key sheared. New key and tightened as much as I thought felt right and tried starting again. It ran breifly and backfired. Pulled flywheel again, and again key sheared.

Looking at other posts I have an idea that the flywheel isn't tightened down tight enough. As far as I know the engine was running ok when she used it last. Is there any other issue that would cause timing to be off without the engine being taken apart. The brief time it did run it sounded fine.

Also what is the torque spec of the flywheel bolt and air gap on the mag. I have good spark at .006 in. Engine is a model 287707 and type is 0224-01


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