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Roses died, but have have new growth at bottoms?

13 years ago

Ok.. So.. I was VERY disappointed to lose so many of my Roses this Spring! Last year, I planted several, and most seemed to have died!!

6 JFK Roses, About Face, Mr. Lincoln, Gold Glow, Hot Cocoa, A couple Knockout Roses, Chicago Peace, Gene Borner, Angel Face, a couple Queen Elizabeths, and my Pinata rose all appeared to be dead.

Some due to standing water (need better drainage) and i'm not sure about the others.

I went to dig a few of them up today, and replant them in a temporary spot, to try to save them, and found new growth really low on a few of the plants! This is a good sign, right?

I pruned them down to almost nothing, and planted them in a spot that has better drainage, to try to get them back to health. I did this last week with my Pinata rose, and it is leafing out really well. Hoping to have the same luck with the rest.

A couple of the plants were defintely dead. =*(

Anyway.. Has anyone had this happen before, and had to prune back to practically the ground?

Any advice (regarding getting the plants back to health) to someone who LOVES Roses, and wishes she knew A LOT more about their care? lol

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