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Safe to move Japanese fern?

I have 2 Japanese ferns I'd like to move. From the tags they were supposed to be a more upright form ("Crested" Japanese fern, 18" high), but after 3 years I'd say they are pretty prostrate, at all of 5" tall. I want something taller in that spot (against the house) and want the ferns moved to the foreground.

So really several questions: do Japanese ferns resent moving? Are they tricky to move? They were quarts when put in and have grown v..e..r..y slowly.

I have bought 2 Astilbe "Erica" to put in the place of the ferns against the wall; which have bronzy foliage. Before I do this, is there another fern which grows taller and does NOT have plain green foliage? I put Autumn fern on my wish list but someone told me it is plain green most of the year. I'm trying to have foliage color variety in this bed, no plain green; using purple, chartreuse, amber, silver, etc.

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