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Kohler CV730-0027 Locked up, motor won't turn.

15 years ago

Okay, before I start, I will say I have read the many posts regarding a factory problem with the head gasket on the #1 cylinder. Recently, my engine shut down after 10 minutes running. Since then, the engine will just spin over but will not start. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting materials I can find and the fuel and spark do not seem to be a problem so I decided to try a leak-down test. When I tried to line up the #1 cylinder up for the test I charged it with air (using the leakdown tester) but did not have it TDC, so I tried to turn the motor by hand to line it up but now it is completely locked up. I checked all 4 valve and they appear be okay, but I have no idea what has this motor locked up. I was on my way to troubleshooting a possible blown head gasket but now I seem to have another problem. HELP!!! :o(

Thanks for any help!


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