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Hfgh on deck?

9 years ago

I picked up a 6x8 hfgh and can't decide where to put it. One location places it on the north but to the west side of my house with the door facing south. This would be fine except I would receive mostly afternoon sun and the door would be facing south. How important is it that the 8' side of the gh, with the pitch, be facing south?

Another location is on the north as well, but to the east side of the house where it would receive more sun through out the day and the pitch would face south but it would be on a wooden deck. I am thinking that the slats on the deck are going to speed up the escape of heat and make the gh less functional. Can anyone enlighten me on the pros and cons of this location? Any ideas on a floor cover that could help insulate but also not add too much weight?

Of these two locations, which would you think would be better?

This is my first greenhouse and i hope to overwinter some greens and grow spring starts. I don't plan on heating or cooling at the moment.

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