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Greenhouse Disaster HFGH 10x12

15 years ago

So I finally got my husband to help work on the greenhouse last weekend (this has been a nearly year long issue because the GH is such a pain. But we made lots of progress until about 45 mins ago when a 40MPH wind gust just ripped the whole greenhouse up out of the ground- tumbled it about 5 times before the roof point dug into the ground and it tossed one last time landing into a flattened pile against the barn. OMG! I am so mad! I just came back in from trying to save the flopping panels and as it happened to land onto a flatbed trailer I tied it down as best as I could so the wind cant do too much more damage. I had all the panels screwed down so the walls remained mostly intact but the roof trusses are toast on the left side. You know how you squish boxes to throw away, that's exactly what the greenhouse did. I cried a few tears of frustration because I happed to be able to see it happen in slow motion from the bedroom and was actually about to follow it room to room as it made its way across the yard. However my husband says there is really nothing I could have done about it. Luckily it was empty!

I guess the good news is, this gives us the chance to re-evaluate the GH as a whole and rebuild instead of repair. I think I'm going to move it if I can convince my DH to put it on the south side of the barn so big brother can help stabilize the GH. Going to sink some 4x4 corner posts also to help anchor it as well. I'm just shaking my head and rolling my eyes at this point. We've spent too much money that we didn't have to spare anyway on this thing so I'm not just going to give up. It's just my goodness, this thing has been a pain in the but from day 1!

So! For anyone out there with a Harbor Freight 10x12 non squished greenhouse- If you had to start from scratch, What would you change or do to improve the HFGH?

I had already screwed the panels down, and had 3 of the tubing run from side to side and was planning on adding more anyway. Going to frame and install a storm door to replace the doors and I had screwed the vents down and was going to add a vent fan at the rear.

The roof took the brunt of the damage so I'm not sure yet what will happen there. At least half the roof is trash now and I've got an email into Harbor Freight to see what if any replacement parts are available.


Willa in Maryland

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