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Flower Carpet rose border - best cominations? (border pic)

13 years ago


The recent flower carpet thread was really useful. I want to create a border of flower carpet roses. My "inspiration" picture is from the grower web site. My border is also shown below.

My goal: mass a row of mostly Supreme pink in the front of the border. Then behind the supreme pink have groups of 2 scarlet red beside 1 white, beside 2 scarlet red.

Front of border will be ( ...)

behind that will be (scarlet-scarlet-white-scarlet-scarlet)

I seek advice on this combo. I might use appleblossom instead of white, and there are two different pinks (pink, supreme pink) and two different reds (red, scarlet). Please help me, I'm rather poor at the "design" and knowing what colors will look good together!


Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:212555}}

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