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Looking for owners of large, do-it-yourself GH's....

17 years ago

Hi everyone!

I haven't posted here for quite a while, but used to visit this forum quite regularly.

I have a self-designed & self-built GH that is a permanant structure. We are building a new house and moving in the Spring and sadly, the GH must stay.

I will eventually be building a new one and have looked at kits, but not sure which route i'm going to take. My old pal cactusfreak has a GH to die for and I may build something similar if we have any money left. Otherwise, we'll do-it-ourself again.

I'm just looking for ideas and would love to see pics of larger gh's that you designed & built yourself. I'm mainly interested in polycarb. structures, but would love to see whatever creation you have come up with. : )


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