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I am so confused!

17 years ago

Here comes a long one. I have a 1 acre lot (minus the house and driveway). I am landscaping it right now (we just moved in) and I have the chance to do this right. I own a Yanmar 1610D with a box blade and an FEL and I love it. I will sell this (with much regret) once the grass is in and buy a lawn tractor of some sort. It has very aggressive tires on all four wheels, and will tear up my grass. I thought about putting turf tires on it, but I really don't have the money or room to keep it and also have a riding mower.

So I have been checking out all of my options and I need help.

I like how a ZTR is "fun to drive," is zero turn, and doesn't squash the grass with the front tires before the cutting deck gets to it.

I don't like the feeling that I need a different tractor also to haul, aerate, and remove snow.

I like the Kubota GR2100 because I love diesel engines, it has glide steer, all wheel drive, but it's expensive and doesn't have the quick deck removal and striping rollers like a simplicity.

The new zt tractor from cub cadet looks interesting but I have heard questionable things from this box store MTD line.

Isn't there a perfect solution for me? I will likely sell the Yanmar for about $7500.

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