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Spring Roses looking great this year.

15 years ago

I have about 200 roses. All types from old quartered thick flower form to singles. HTs to shrub roses. Since I already finished my spring pruning, I can get a great look at all the leafing out roses. This is the best year ever, things are looking good. Mostly lots of canes and nice thick shrub roses and florabundas. Only one rose died over winter which was either a one cane wonder of a Mr Lincoln (I have two of them) or HOT COCOA, have to check my tags and can not remember which it was. Of course, I don't have that problem when they are blooming, I can just see the flowers :-))

Smaller struggling DISNEYLAND and TRAVIATA are both sending out lots of new leaves and those were the ones I thoought I might have to replace this spring. I do have a one cane wonder HT PERFECT MOMENT. Will see how it does. Things that die or don't work out easily get replaced.

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