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Insulation? How far up North Wall?

8 years ago

Ok so my wife and I are planning a 20x40 greenhouse with hoops and solid ends. Everything I have read says that it is best to insulate the North side of the greenhouse. Obviously, insulation doesn't let light in so any insulation that you add is going to block light (hence only on the North Side), But how far do you go? Half way up like my image below? Only 4 ft?8ft? None? Sorry but obviously this is confusing to me.

So my design would use basically half hoops and yes there are too many windows in the design but its just in the planning stage. This way I would be able to use less plastic. So everyone tell me why this won't work! Doesn't cost me anythign to change it (now!!).

BTW I am in zone 7b (SE VA) so it gets really hot here in the summer, The bottom half of the plastic south facing part would roll up for summer and I would have to add supports in the form of posts in the greenhouse to add some support for the insulated wall on the north,

\Thanks for any responses!

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