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watch those front center rollers!

14 years ago

Just a reminder to check things over now that spring is here.I was mulching some leaves with my Cub Cadet 2166 mulch plug in place.When the front center plastic roller came loose and went under the deck.The cotter pin came loose and allowed the main pin to work loose.The plastic roller went under the deck and sounded like a grenade went off.Killed the engine and blowed the mulch plug out several feet away broke the bolt holding it in place.Dented the deck in front outward stlightly poped the paint off in that area and chopped a chunk out of the roller and put several cut gouges in it.Luckily that appears to be the only damage?I checked the blades and mandrels all seems fine?Time will tell.Its a good idea to check all fastner hardware when your getting things ready for mowing season.

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