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Hottest vinter and spring ever in Europe

17 years ago

7 month in a row now the average temperatures have been record high here in northen Europe. There was no freeze back of the roses what so ever! Never seen that before. So pruning was very different ...I could actually shape the bushes! Also it is dry and hot 79 degrees and the roses are beginng to have buds one month earlier than they use too. I am going to have roses blooming in May, where normally they would start blooming medio june. Have seen no aphids yet and havent sprayed yet because none of my roses show any signs of disease. So perfect conditions so far here and very healthy roses. I only have to water and fertilize and wait a few weeks and the roses will start blooming ... and I will bury my nose in a flower of Louise Odier or Gertrude Jekyll which has big fat buds already. So much to look forward to..

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