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HFGH greenhouse is up! What should I do with it?

17 years ago

I got the HFGH 6x8' up. I love it!. It's so nice and humid in there.

I don't think I'm going to use it over the winter, really. I might put the strawberries planters and the apple trees (in planters) in there in hopes that they overwinter ok.

In the spring, maybe about March/April (whenever the snow goes mostly away, which can be sometimes late april here in Buffalo), I'm going to try starting some seeds out there. Real idiot-proof seed starting, like extra lettuces, possibly with some florescent lights and a heater. The rest of the stuff I'll start inside under my regular florescent light set up (I start all my plants from seeds, not plants, so it gets rather involved in early spring).

In the early spring, I'd like to grow peas/beans/broccoli and lettuce in there. In the summer, I'd like to grow watermelons/cucumbers/cantelopes in there on trellises. Anything I should be aware of?

What do you use it for in the fall?

Thanks everybody.

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