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First Year with 6 x 8 HFGH

16 years ago

Went through last winter with no weather proofing at all. No bubble wrap, no caulk. I have no idea how much the electric heater added to my bill but I'm sure it was more than it would have been if basic weather proofing would have been done. A few panels blew off in windstorms. Nothing major.

Had no problems with heat or sun in the summer. Bought a shade cloth and had to peel it back off as everything was stretching. Did not need a fan. Greenhouse gets some shade and we had a dreary summer, weather-wise.

I have kept tropical plants in it all summer. Bought decorative plant racks 50% off from Linens 'N Things for display. Didn't want standard benches. My gardenias, jasmine, mandevillea and others have been blooming. Have a pond in one end for tropical waterlilies and did get some blooms.

DH had given me HF brand auto vent openers for Christmas. One died after a few months. The other still works. DH didn't know that there are much better ones available.

Have had trouble with aphids and spider mites.

Wish I would have put sharp edged gravel that would pack on the floor not pea gravel. It rolls and I feel like I'm going to break an ankle.

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