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Need suggestions for Florida roses (central east)

12 years ago

Some friends of mine from Iowa are moving to Port Orange/near Daytona. They so look forward getting away from the cold winters. The roses I planted in their garden did really well - but now I really do not know what to suggest for them in Florida. I know they are not very skilled gardeners (drip irrigation will probably be installed)- but love fragrant roses - as I understand it heat and humidity is a problem in Florida.

I understand that roses on fortuniana rootstock do best and have located a nursery (Nelsons)other suggestions for good vendors in the area/mail order? (can roses grow own-root there)?

So far It seems "Belindas dream" might be a good choice? Is it fragrant?

Please suggest some other very fragrant roses that may do well there - any class is considered (even HTs). Florida is totally out of my leaque ...

(when to plant roses - when to prune? What months?). Other problems I must know about? (when is the season for chili trips)?

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