HFGH 6x8 Updated Pics

14 years ago

Hi Guys!

Well, my B-Day was two months ago! And the GH that hubbie bought me, for my B-Day, *still* isn't complete... But it's getting there!!!

I can't say "THANKS" enough to conifers for posting pictorial instructions (and my pics aren't nearly as good as his/hers!) . Nevertheless they were an absolute freaking GODSEND!!! (Did I say "Thanks?!" - "Thanks a MILLION!!!")

I'd printed everything out (HFGH Instructions [which *have* improved, incidentally, but...] and conifers' post [FAR more useful!]), and I flipped back-and-forth between them - countless times - throughout construction.

We now have the "frame" up, and the roof panels are in place - although I'm experiencing some "binding" on the roof windows. I still have to put up the vertical wall-panels (need to buy more weather-stripping before I can complete that).

I'm also experiencing some "challenges" with the sliding door: It seems to want to jump off the track (on the bottom) when I open it all the way... I suspect I'll have to "bend" the base aluminum panel up - just a hair...

Anyway, it's coming along - albeit very slowly - but "Progress" is happening.

I just wanted to share info on my progress and some of the details of what I've learned along the way (maybe it'll help someone?????)...

THANKS again - to EVERYONE - for ALL of your help!!!

-Nancy (aka IMQTPI)

P.S. I'll have this thing up by winter, I swear!!! ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: We bought a Greenhouse!

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