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Has The Dust Settled - Does Troy-Bilt Rule?

18 years ago

Well, maybe not, but it seems like the writing is on the wall.

I just went through an extensive search for a smaller tiller for my Dad and the brands available were Troy-Bilt, Simplicity, BCS and various MTD labeled tillers - all of which were rear tine.

He settled on the Simplicity, but I have to tell you that while I think we can get parts for a long time (I hope), the picture is right bleak on the tiller front.

One guy who sells BCS said they closed their east coast distributor and the only one left in the country was on the west coast. He said it would cost almost as much as the tiller to ship one in. Hope he is wrong.

The MTD tillers, while they looked OK, were not a consideration.

The only one out of a bunch of Simplicity dealers had a tiller on the show room floor. All of them said they would order them, but not stock them - seems nobody gardens like they use to and so they don't sell. Infact the Tiller my Dad bought was quite a few years old, thought new.

However, we found Troy-Bilt EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! In the box stores, dealers and used in local trading posts.

Even thought the Simplicity is a very nice tiller, it looks like in terms of Tiller availability (where you can acutally see one) and parts availability, Troy-Bilt rules.

I have about a 10 yr old Troy-Bilt Horse model and it has been bullet proof (knock on wood). No fear in finding parts or resale for it. My Dad's old tiller is a large BCS. Super tiller, but heaven help you if you need a part or service.

What's your take on this in your neck of the woods?

BTW, it seems like I've seen more gardens out in the back yards this year than in a long time. Makes me wonder what kind of tiller those folks are using.

Oh, I know that MTD owns Troy-Bilt, but I am to understand that they are built in the same plant at the premium Cub Cadets in Cleveland OH. Aside from eliminating forward rotating tines on the smallest of models, eliminating brochures (online and in the mail), MTD appears to have kept the quality of TB intact.

Just courious of your thoughts!


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