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Eucalyptus transplanted to Al's gritty mix (completely defoliated

12 years ago


A while ago, I had a eucalyptus gunnii 'silver drop' seedling that wasn't doing too well. I think that it was probably a combination of poor lighting and poor soil (it was still in a seed starting mix). So, anyways, taking the advice of my friend Al (Tapla), I transplanted them into his gritty mix. Now, the leaves on the tree were dry at the time so I simply pulled them off, but I gave the plant a good soaking and placed it in the kitchen (which seems to get the most light, which is not even natural, but artificial. Seriously, no one in my family EVER turns lights on in this house. I feel like I live in a cave!!!). Anyways, the tree pretty much looks like a small dead stick right now, buy my question is will it survive if I keep it watered until spring?? Also, I may be able to move it outside if that would help. Even though eucalyptus gunnii isn't hardy in zone 5, it rarely gets below -15 here, and if one day, the weather says that it will get that low, I can just bring it inside that night. Would that be better??

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