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Pick professors Lawn Mower

17 years ago

I am seeking assistance in a mower for my new home, 3/4 acre, relatively flat with many obstacles (trees, shrubs, fence, landscape) I moved from a .13 lawn to this, thus my walk behind costs me 2.5 hours per mow. Lawn is in Excellent shape and I plan on improving it.

I believe I will go with a rider, but not oblivious to a big walk-behind or a Z-turn type.

What I like:

Bagging (not all the time, just for parties and fall leaf)

Striping (makes me smile ear-ear when I see stripes)

Wagon (would like a wagon to attache to it)

Ipod (wishful thinking)

Cost? Not sure, I like quality & low price maybe $3K?

I read through hear for about an hour or so till the wife got po's :o). I thought for sure I would do John Deere, but was surprised at Simplicity.

MY Questions:

So Is John deere Lowe end too low end? 100 models?

John Deere AWS..? is it worth it?

John Deere Rear output Bagger? nice or who knows?

Husqavana? not too much about them, how are they?

I hope to buy one by May, so I will follow my post and respond often. I hope to get enough feedback and will narrow it down little by little and provide pics when needed.

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