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HFGH Foundation Questions

17 years ago

DH has built a foundation of pressure treated 4 x 4's which will have rebar anchors and then pressure treated 2 x 12's on top of that for the height. We have roofing felt to insulate the aluminum from the pressure treated lumber.

Is there anything else we should be doing to the foundation before screwing the greenhouse down? Insulation?

we are leveling the area and putting down heavy duty landscape fabric and pea gravel for the flooring.

We are planning on buying a solar pool cover and are planning on heating the greenhouse. I will have tropical plants in it.

We are in Portland OR which is zone 8, mostly cloudy and rainy in winter with some snow and ice. The greenhouse will be in a sheltered location with the prevailing winds blocked by the neighbors hedge and to some extent by the house and our parked RV. Only the west side will be fully exposed to the elements and I'm sure shade cloth will be required for at least another month before it starts clouding up here.

I have read all of the threads on HFGHs here but my eyes are starting to glaze over. Technical stuff is not my forte. DH won't read them either so it is up to me. I just don't get math formulas and such.

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