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clicking noise in Peerless transaxle

16 years ago

Hello. I have a Peerless Tecumseh 5-speed manual transaxle (not hydrostatic), model MST 205, manufactured in 1999 I think. It's mounted on a Craftsman 38" lawn tractor. Problem is, in 3rd gear ONLY, it makes a clicking sound. The speed of the clicks is roughly equal to the speed of the axle (not as fast as engine RPMs). It makes no odd noise in any other gear. I'm guessing I have a bad 3rd gear and need to replace it. Of course, it's not worth it to pay anybody to do this, so I'll do it myself, if I do it at all.

Can somebody please identify the root cause of the problem and confirm my diagnosis, based on my description of the symptom? Is it worth opening up to work on, or are these considered "disposable"?


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