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How deep do I plant a bare root rose? Zone 6a?

9 years ago

I have 2 fragrant cloud bare root roses and they are temporarily in pots until I can get them in the ground tonight. I soaked them in water last night and oopsed them into too small pots. Hopefully that doesn't damage them. My pots are too shallow and I can only get them as deep as 2 inches above the bud union so I figure ill put them in the ground instead of buying 20$ pots.

I do have 2 pots that my love me tender and tiffany are in. Those 2 are going in the ground tonight and are nursery plants with 1 year in the pots. Would it be better to just put the fragrant clouds in those 2 pots rather than the ground? I could get them 1 inch past the bud union in those.

My zip code is 42223 so I think I am in zone 6a.

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