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Street tree choices

12 years ago

I just received the list of trees that the City will plant in my parkway; I need to choose one. I've narrowed down my choices to Ginkgo (not sure which cultivar, waiting to hear from City arborist), Skyline Thornless Honeylocust (overplanted, not sure I want to go this route) and Frontier Elm (worry that it's not tall enough). My house is a 1929 two story reddish brick English Tudor on a fairly wide city lot. Planting strip is about 8 feet deep. The house doesn't have a lot of landscaping yet just some standard yews across the front, so this will be the first plant I need to design around. Any and all opinions and knowledge of these trees are welcome. Thanks, and FYI the other choices I ruled out are Norway maple, Greenspire linden, red maple, common hackberry, two crabs, a lilac and a pear.

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