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Scotts 2046 - drippy 20hp Intek twin

14 years ago

Hi all - this is a continuation of an old posting (Scotts 2046 - Intek wont start ) but I decided to start a new thread.

Ok - so the Scotts 2046 (Intek v-twin) has been running well - and I have had to add a bit of oil to it over the last 3 months or so to keep it topped off between the hi and low markings on the dip stick.

I was moving some wood chips around this week and I noticed the smoking muffler again - actually my 6 yr old son did...

"Daddy - is the tractor on fire again ? " Shiii... I mean hmmmmm...

After the yard work is finished I decide to poke around the muffler and see that the muffler shroud is very close to the muffler and the small debris does not have enough space to fall through ... and therefore its smoking ... and darn... the debris is oil soaked...

I see while the engine is running a drop of fresh oil fall from the oil filter side of the twin cylinder engine and directly onto my hand ... HOT !!!! and eventually another ...

The oil seems to be dripping from a bolt holding the shroud on the motor which directs the air flow around the cylinder (oil filter side), and the base of the engine and frame are soaking wet. The other side of the engine (and frame) is clearly dry and clean.

I dont recall doing a head gasket on a OHV lawn mower engine b4. Ive done a few 8 cyl cars - so it can only be 1/8th the pain in the @ss ... right ? (or 1/4 if i do both jugs.)

Im thinking im gonna pull the shrouds and have a closer look when it warms up again.



- Is this model of engine prone to head gasket problems ? I did clean out the cylinder very well last year and was amazed at the amount of dirt I removed from the cylinders. So it may have run hot at one time - but I dont know that for sure. (i got the machine used - dont have much history on it).

-----> Serial Numbers: GSX2046010750 20V46T DATE: 110698

-----> Engine Model number: 406777 Type: 0115E1

- What else could I / Should I be looking for before I start digging in deep with the wrenches?

- If I do have a head gasket tear down ahead of me - can you offer any tips/time savers/recommendations/lessons learned on doing it.

- Yours thoughts on a single head needing the gasket - does the other side get the new gasket as well. My thought is dont fix it if it ain't broke...

- If it is a head gasket, can anyone point me to some torque specs ?

- what other gaskets am I looking at ? As I think about it; head(s), intake(s), exhaust(s), and what else while im at it ?

- does anybody have any tips for removing the old gasket, and installing the new gasket? apply some new silicone product to it, etc ?

Im hoping its not too serious - I sure wouldn't mind getting myself the Case/Ingersol 446 tractor I have the hots for... But the Scotts lawn tractor does run pretty well(for its 11 years of age ) and I dont feel the need to replace it unless I'm clearly gong down a dead end road.

Your ideas, thoughts and prayers to the lawn mower gods (or garden tractor gnomes) are greatly appreciated.


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