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Is this tree dead or dying, can it be saved?

13 years ago

I think this is an autumn blaze but am not positive. I dont know the age of the tree as it was here when we bought the house 6 years ago. I live in South Dakota and the tree was moved 18 months ago with a large tree spade. I was only moved 10 feet to make room for an addition to our home. It was moved in the fall of 07. It did not produce many leaves last year but was not concerned as related that to the stress of being moved. This spring we noticed the trunk had no bark and some holes on one side. Some of the holes look to have a mushroom type thing in them. It also looks like the bark has a fungus. Can this be healed or treated to save the tree? What type of tree is this and can it be saved. If it will not survive, I want to replace it right away as not lose another year of growing. It is on the SW part of the lot and want it for shade.

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