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composting green or blue bar computer paper

14 years ago

I have some questions that I would love if someone could help

I am looking at composting items for my 40Âx 40Â garden, as well as 4 or 5 flower beds.

Upon reading online I came across a site that said to mix 2 parts shredded paper with 1 part green grass clipping before putting it in the compost bin and I could have some great composed material for the garden / flower beds.

I have a huge source for (green bar) computer paper, the wide tractor feed type as well as the standard everyday paper you would buy at Wal-Mart for your inkjet. The green bar is about 10 years old now and I was wondering if I could shred it up and use it to make this compost instead of paying hundreds of dollars to have it picked up and shredded by a professional company. The printer used a ribbon type for the ink source

My basic questions are:

1. Is the ink from the ribbon safe?

2. Is the green bar paper expectable for this?

3. What would the compost be like if I use just green grass and shredded paper?

Would I need to accompany this process of the grass clipping and paper with other items to balance the compost? I do have about 10 hens that I can use the dropping for this mix as well?

I am building a worm box for the kitchen scraps so I donÂt have a lot of scraps to add to the compost bin and donÂt have any brown leaves at this time.

Thanks for any help


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