10X12 HFGH ideas, Please help

15 years ago

Okay, I'm getting my new greenhouse, here is what I am planning to do. Will all of you let me know if they are good ideas, or if you have a better idea.

I live in North Texas, very hot, so keep that in mind. Soil is very hard and mostly creek bed rock. We have running grass that runs about 150 yards, so here we go.

For the last 2 weeks, I've used roundup on the area. I'm planning on using 4x4 pressure treated lumber to attach the base to. Bury the wood frame, but before that, put down anti weed plastic. Sit the wood frame in the ground and go around it with sand. Then I'm building 2 built in Hot Boxes. I'm putting pea gravel on the entire floor, over the weed controling plastic. I'm running the electric wire under the base.

Next, I am using screen fabric to make shade curtians on the south and west side, on the inside. My greenhouse door will be facing east. I'm running heavy fishing line, like a curtain rod, this way I can open or close the shade curtains.

I am also going to hang a long steel rod from the ceiling to hang plants from. I have several greenhouse shelves that sit on the ground and I'm going to hang shelves over the hot boxes on the side walls.

I really need to know how I can make screens for the greenhouse. I want to take some panels out and put screens in, in the summer. Also, does anyone have any ideas on how to put screens on the ceiling windows? I plan on putting in the automatic window openers. I'm looking to keep the BUGS OUT!

Thanks for any input.

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