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Chinese fire drill with the roses today

seil zone 6b MI
9 years ago

I did some serious hole digging. 29 to be exact. I moved two so that was 2 holes dug a piece. They both are one cane wonders but I'm hoping the new locations will improve them. We'll see.

Some of them played Russian Roulette and lost. I shovel pruned 6 (Yippee!) American Pride, Snowfire, Double Joy, Winter Magic (didn't live over winter), the Blue Girl bought at Big Lots this spring that never broke dormancy and one of my seedlings from 2006 that was planted out in the street bed. It was a pretty pink rose from Mme Isaac Pereire but it wasn't very vigorous and was a once bloomer. It's sister seedling is very vigorous and repeats so I kept that one. For me this was a wholesale slaughter, lol, because I'm the worst at shovel pruning.

Then there are the 12 that probably should have been shovel pruned but I sort of like them even though they're very tiny and weak at the moment. I potted them. Yeah I know I should have just ditched them. 9 of them were minis that were so small that I split them into two of the really big pots and planted them together, 5 in one 4 in the other. If they grow this season they'll get their own pots in the fall otherwise I'll just toss them too. I think...see what I mean. Terrible at shovel pruning. The other three were big roses and ones I liked but they were down to one cane wonders so I potted them to see if they'd do better. We'll see on those as well. No growth means bye, bye! I have to get better at this!

Then I planted 7 from the patio pots out into the garden. They're big lusty things that should do well out there and put on a good show I hope. There's still some room out there for a few more but I haven't decided what yet. I don't like to put my exhibition roses out there because people steal blooms off of them. I had that happen both last spring and fall just a day or so before my shows and I was heart broken! So that bed is all the shrubs, OGRs and floris. I took all the minis out because they didn't seem to do very well. All the HTs and mini/minifloras are in the pots on the patio for safekeeping! But there are a few things that don't really produce show quality blooms that I could put out there.

So that's how I spent my day! Gonna be tired and sore tomorrow, lol. But tomorrow is repotting day!

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