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Has anyone actually painted a HFGH?

16 years ago

Hi! It's me again (I recently started a thread "Got my HFGH (6x8)! Now I have questions!")

I did a search on "Painting HFGH" and got a couple-three hits. Mostly ppl offering opinions on painting it (Most seemed to lean toward "Not necessary"). But no responses from anyone who actually had done it.

Since this is gonna be a 'permanent structure' in our yard; And since I've worked my butt off trying to make our yard aesthetically pleasing; I'd like to make sure that the latest addition is gonna "add" to the overall appeal of the space!!!

Has anyone actually painted a HFGH? If so, what did you use (I'm assuming an Aluminum-friendly primer would be mandatory)? What color did you choose? And how did it come out???

When did you do it (if anyone DID), and are you happy with the long-term results?

I'm now on the Charley's GH mailing list, and I'm drooling over the dark-green GH's. But I've convinced myself that white would be more practical in the long run...

Anyway, I haven't actually built the thing yet (leveling and prepping for a flat-foundation is taking a lot more "sweat" and time than originally anticipated!!), so if I'm gonna paint it, I still have time to do it before I start "actual assembly" (couple-three weeks, probably!).

*If* I do it, I'd want to use some kinda spray paint. I'm also planning on adding t-bolts and/or other 'captive bolts' - prior to final assembly - so I think I need to be cognizant of that (even spray paint will "shrink" the size of the tracks somewhat - limiting my ability to add bolts).

Are there any other "Gotchas" I need to be aware of?

Opinions are definitely appreciated, but I'm also very interested in hearing from anyone who has actually *done it!"


-Nancy (IMQTPI)

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