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12 years ago

Hi all. Well, I got really lucky Saturday. My daughter's high school had a rummage sale and she volunteered to help set up Friday night. When I went to pick her up I saw a dual bin compostumbler but with no price marked on it. Unfortunately, I could not stay to check out whether or not it was in good shape or to ask how much (my husband told me all the bank account would let me spend was $30) because they were closing up. When I dropped my daughter off about 45 minutes before they opened on Saturday there was already a line of about 5 people. In my mind, they were obviously there for the tumbler. I gave my DD a measuring tape to see if the barrel part would fit in the minivan. She came back and said it would fit. I decided to wait in line because I was sure I could outrun the other 5 as I knew right where the tumbler was. After a few more minutes, my daughter came back with one of the teachers in charge of the sale. The teacher asked if I was interested in the tumbler and I said yes, but how much is it? She replied, make an offer. Well, obviously, I went right to the top of my spending limit (all $30 of it) and said, 30 bucks? She sort of hesitated (as my heart sunk) and then said, SOLD! I stll had to wait in line to pay but I now have it at home and took some compost from my new cold pile and added it. I'm going to add more but it's so wet and heavy from all the rain we got last night. Anyway, I'm not just bragging - I really have a question. After I loaded and turned it, I could not resist taking a peek inside. I saw several worms. Will they survive the heat of the tumbler or do I need to be more careful and remove them before adding from a cold compost pile. Thanks for all your help.

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