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Using compost for container vegetable garden

8 years ago

We are planning to start an initiative to promote organic gardening in the society, where a startup kit is provided to the interested families which includes: some basic containers, seedlings, and growing media. At the same time, we are teaching them how to prepare their own compost for future gardening activities. We need to make this initiative as simple as possible for them to encourage them to work further in this direction.

The containers are bags of 40 liters each for each plant (tomato, green pepper, eggplant).
I would like to use compost as the soil in the container, but I am not sure which compost should I use. What are the specs/ingredients (NPK) that I should obtain for this purpose?
P.S. I am not planning to use any amendments during the growing time.

I live in a Mediterranean country, hardiness zone 7 or 8.
In summer, temperature goes up to 110 max, and humidity is about 70'% on average.

Thank you for your help

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