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your favorite coral, orange, or deep pink roses?

KnoxRose -7a
9 years ago

Hello lovelies, I am looking to add a little contrast to my yellow/ soft peach rose boarder. I am all about the warm colors and I want to add something with an orange, coral, or deep pink to make the others I have pop, I'd like something fairly upright, that will be hardy in my zone 7, red clay filled, full sun boarder around my front porch, the taller and more upright the better ( I want to block my view of my neighbors ugly yard) it doesn't matter what type it is as I like a mixed garden, I think it's more fun than one that is uniform. I have been considering: fragrant cloud, star of the Nile, easy going, dream come true, Benjamin Britten, and Robert Clements. Leaning toward fragrant cloud, but I don't think it has the height I want ( I may still find a place for her even still though) Although I LOVE the classic or "English" rose style I think I may need more of a grandiflora or hybrid tea for more height than width what's your opinion on the tallest non climbing rose varieties? I'm afraid of climbers for some reason, they seem like so much more work, what do you think?

For reference I already have:
Midas touch -HT
About face- Grandiflora
Golden celebration -Austin
Lady of shalott- Austin
Lady Emma Hamilton- Austin
And a couple of knockouts that probably will be moved once I find something more interesting to put there.

Feel free to give me any suggestions or to just list roses in that color family, or of a more upright nature that you have had good experiences with. Thank you!!

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