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new fllower garden... how to prepare soil?

12 years ago

We moved into this house going on 4 years ago. (eastern NC) When we moved in we had over grown shrubs lining the front of the house. The older lady that lived here just let them grow and grow. My Father and husband decided to just pull them up instead of just trying to trim them first. I was Pregnant with twins immediatley after this so the front of the house just has remained bare for all this time. I have purchased several varietes of azeleas, easy care rose bushes and lilac bushes to cover the front along with some lower dwarf varieties for the window spaces. Since the grass ( weeds) have grown up against the house now what is the best way to get rid of it to create a flower garden. I have read several things that says just shovel it up in sort of a matt and get rid of it to helpfully discourage the weed regrowth.Is there any weed sprays that can be used to discourage weed growth fruther but not harm the flowers? If I do that I would need to replace the dirt so would I buy bags of top soil? potting soil? Incorperate peat? or manure? The soil that we have in these areas seems to be a pretty good soil. It's not full of clay or sand. It seems to be a rich brown/black. I'm sure I need to get the soild tested but is there a basic mixture that can be used? I've also read that using carboard or newspaper is a good way to replenish the soil. We of course are going to use mulch as a topper.I have so many questions and so little time before April when my plants get here. I would love to have the area prepared and waiting. Thanks so much for your Help!!!

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