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Note to self...

Make sure to deadhead those $%!# Knautia and Campanula persicifolia before the seed all over the place. A few minutes work last year would have saved me a headache this oneâ¦

Buy more early spring blooming plants. I donâÂÂt care if it ends up looking garish! Seeing all these spring bloomers has been a boost after the depressing winter IâÂÂve had. Lots of Muscari! More Chionodoxa! Anemone nemorosa & blanda galore! Find some early Corydalis! Pack in the Tulips (even though I swore I wouldnâÂÂt buy more)! A truck-load of Crocus! Break the bank on Epimedium! Go hog wild is what IâÂÂm sayinâ here, lol.

Just find a plant already. IâÂÂve had empty spaces around the garden for way too long now, waiting to find the âÂÂperfectâ plant to fill them. Not sure that is ever going to happen, so it is time to settle for second best to at least have something to fill the gaps.

Go ahead and order if I canâÂÂt find it locally. I really dislike mail ordering plants, mainly due to the outrageous S&H most places charge for sending to the PNW. If I canâÂÂt find what I want around here than I will order this year. Unless I forget again, lol.

Give that uggo the boot. If I dislike the plant itâÂÂs time to get rid of it. There is something inside me that still screams itâÂÂs sacrilegious to throw out a plant that is doing no harm, but I'm getting better with this ((and before someone jumps all over my phrasing thereâ¦.by âÂÂthrow outâ I mean throw to someone who wants the thing, unless it is invasive)). In with the new!

Your turn. ;-) What notes to self do you have going now?

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