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Over-Pruned Climbing Rose?

9 years ago

Let's say a person has a Blue Girl Climbing Rose. Now let's say that person is a complete idiot and followed the advice of some guy on YouTube who said to basically cut everything off except the longest strongest cane. And then that person thought that they should also cut off all the new growth coming off that cane. That person's climbing rose is going to die, isn't it? And if, by some miracle it doesn't die, it's going to grow back all weird, right?

This is why we don't let blondes garden unsupervised. :) (And yes, the idiot in this scenario is me. Also, I'm devastated at my own idiocy, because I absolutely adore this rose.)

A little more info--when I look closely at what's left of my rose, I do see a few little (for lack of a better word) nubs that look like the start of something new. So maybe it's not dead yet?

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