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Strange Problem - Too Many Leaves!

10 years ago

I have not been here for a while, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Apparently last fall my collection of leaf bags really was over the top. I currently turned my last fall compost pile to cook this Spring and built a new pile with most of the shredded leaves that I had used as winter mulch for perennials and the veggie garden itself. It has a generous helping of winterized kitchen scraps and finished compost to start cooking. Then the holding bin is full of not-so-shredded leaves and pine needles (will use in campfires). So after piling up the working pile up to about 3-4 feet, I still have a huge winrow of shredded leaves from the main part of the garden. I know they are not ideal as tomato mulch, but what has been your experience? I am thinking I have no other place to use them but on the veggie garden this summer until my working pile cooks down. And besides that, i have a medium-sized pile to shred from some bags of leaves that I just could not resist grabbing in January! Now, once I shred those and shred the holding bin, I might have room for more of the leaves from the garden, but basically want to know if this shredded (mostly oak) leaf mulch will have negative impact on my tomatoes?

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