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Senior Citizen Tiller Recommendation

16 years ago

My Dad is almost 74 years old and is considering replacing his old BCS with something smaller. He has trimmed down his garden over the past few years and the BCS is just to wide and getting to hard to handle for his age.

He is considering some of the smaller Troy-Bilt tillers, like the "Pony" or the "Tuffy" models. I have been looking at these tillers online and it appears that the Tuffy model has counter rotating tines.

My questions are:

1. What make & model tiller would you recommend?

2. What is the advantage to counter rotating tines?

3. How do these smaller tillers handle gardening chores and are they easy enought for a senior to handle?

4. I have notice that other brands like Simplcity and Snapper have rear tine tillers too. I thought Ariens use to sell rear tine tillers too, but I can't find them online, thought the Snapper/Simplicity tillers look similar to what I remember Ariens use to sell. Opinions?

Any advise would be much appreciated.



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