Beginner rose garder - need recommendations

12 years ago


My wife loves Roses. We have attempted to grow a couple at a past house with limited success. I'd like to plant a couple Roses for her for Mothers day (from my kids).

There are so many different types I really have no idea what kind would work best. I do have a place in mind so perhaps the characteristics of the area will help with a recommendations.

I'd like to create a small rose garden 2-3 plants adjacent to our front side walk. The area is currently grass. Looking for plants that won't get too large or big.

The soil is pretty poor in my yard so I'll need to enhance the soil when I plant the bushes.

The area is level and gets good morning sun. There is a large River Birch Tree that will give the area a good amount of shade toward the afternoon on. The area is easy to access so watering and up-keep will not be a problem. I have two young kids so thornless plants may be nice but not a requirements. Do thornless roses exist?

Any other help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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