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Should I go for a John Deere 320?

14 years ago

I have found a lot of good information in this forum in the past, but this is the first time I've posted a question. I own a JD LX277 that I use to mow 2 acres of lawn. I use an old Gravely walk-behind to blow snow off my 50-yard-long driveway, till the garden, and occasionally mow brushy areas on my 5-acre property. I'd like to replace both with one do-it-all machine that I can also use to spread gravel and move mulch and topsoil around. If I were buying a new tractor, I suspect it would be an X534 or X540, and I would be in debt for the rest of my life. I have an opportunity right now to buy a 1993 320, equipped with just a 48-inch deck, with 1,600 hours on it. The owner says it is in very good condition and runs fine (but he is two hours away from me and I haven't seen it), and he is asking $1,600. Is this a good price for this tractor with a lot of hours? Will I be able to find the attachments I need for it? Would I do better to keep looking and spend more for a 400-series tractor of the same vintage, or should I bite the bullet and buy a newer model? If so, which model do you think would work best for me? All advice is welcome.

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