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Striped roses in hot, humid climates

13 years ago

I'd like to grow some striped roses, but most antique varieties I see are bourbons or hybrid perpetuals. Or once-bloomers, and my yard is small, so I like remontant varieties. I'm in north central Florida and our climate is better suited to other rose varieties, in general, although I have a bourbon that's doing well at the moment.

Does anyone have any experience with Variegata di Bologna, Commandant Beaurepaire, or Honorine du Brabant in the Deep South? Do they rebloom well? Do you know of any other striped antique roses that are available for purchase?

I have a lot of luck with tea roses, so would love to try Madame Driout, but I can't find a source that isn't sold out. I also do well with polyanthas, chinas, and hybrid musks, but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

Mary Anna

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