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"Benny Lopez"

11 years ago

Also from the Santa Barbara Open Garden & Sale Catalog:

âÂÂBenny LopezâÂÂ

(Probable Damask Perpetual, âÂÂFound,â Santa Barbara, CA by Benny Lopez; collected by Ingrid Wapelhorst)
âÂÂBenny Lopez,â was found in Santa Barbara, CA, and grown for decades by a gentleman of that name. It offers beauty, EXCELLENT repeat bloom, and rich fragrance on a plant of good, medium size, arching, graceful of habit, with excellent disease resistance.

âÂÂBenny Lopezâ seems to be a Damask Perpetual.
But WHICH Damask Perpetual?

(It is NOT âÂÂPickering 5-Seasons Rose.â Ingrid Wapelhorst grew them side-by-side. They are not the same.)

Yes, of course we wish we knew what it is but weâÂÂll settle for preserving its existence through distribution. Our thanks to Mr. Lopez, who shared his treasure with Ingrid Wapelhorst (now of Oregon) and to Ingrid, who generously shared it forward.
âÂÂBenny Lopezâ is rarely seen in commerce, and difficult to obtain.

**Suitable for Exhibition, where a âÂÂFound Rosesâ class is offered, âÂÂBenny Lopezâ has won that class at a National Rose Show.


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