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Shrub for small hedge?

15 years ago

Hi all: I love my airy blue hedge of "Dark Knight" caryopteris, but I'm going to move it because it's a foot away from my neighbor's driveway and during bee season they're terrified of getting into their cars (yes, I've explained to them about supporting pollinators, that bees are gentle, etc. etc., all to no avail). Good fences make good neighbors so I've decided to just put it elsewhere.

Anyway, I'm looking for a replacement hedge that's not such a bee magnet. What I liked about the bluebeard was its low height (3 1/2'), and the fact that its small size doesn't require trimming; I like the loose natural look of it as opposed to a clippered hedge. I've thought about dwarf forsythia (early spring bloom would be fine, bees aren't out yet), but that seems kind of obvious. The hedge is in full sun. Can anyone think of any low-to-medium shrubs (3 - 4') good for a frowsy natural hedge? I have a feeling there isn't anything that will work as well as the caryopteris does. I may end up going with a grass instead.

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