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Troy Bilt Horse tine shaft

13 years ago

I have recently aquired an older, sn 407218, Troy Bilt Horse tiller and am in the process of replacing the wheel and tine shaft seals. At least that was where I started.

As is almost always the case more things wanting attention turn up once you start taking things apart. Once I got the tine shaft out it looked like someone had tried to dig the seals out and really chewed the shaft up. It is gouged so badly that there was no way for oil seals to hold up.

I am in the process of putting in the replacement tine shaft and have about .126" of end-to-end clearence with a .010" thick cover gasket in place. And since the bearings are loose in the cups there is lateral slop as well.

The parts house lists "tine shaft shims", and they are included in the tine shaft gear & bearing kit. However I haven't been able to find shims mentioned in the manual for this tiller.

It would be a great help if someone could educate me about the proper clearences for the tine shaft.

Many thanks,


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