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Greenhouse Floor

14 years ago

I bought a Farmtek Greenhouse and decided to put it on foundation and build raised interior beds and have a real floor.

I'm afraid I made a mistake in choosing my floor material.

I chose concrete pavers 12x12x2 red and grey and worked out a pattern for the paths and everything.

Now I think, concrete is cold and damp.

I fight cold and damp in my climate all the time, esp. in late summer.

Should I use some kind of stone tiles or brick or clay?

I'm not too far into the project to change my mind.

A few hours have been put into putting the pavers down.

I laid a 4" compacted base gravel and 2" of compacted sand followed by weed block.

The reason I'm worried is that I think I should have chosen something that will offer me some passive heating.

Thank you for your comments. Time is of the essence as, often happens, this concern happened after midnite and I have to redirect the work in the morning.



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