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What fertilizer should I use

15 years ago

I put in a large vegetable garden last spring/ 10 raised boxes 5'x10' lengths with a highly organic ammended soil I purchased. Currently my soil ph is at a 7.6 (a little high) and my phosphorus and potassium are really high. However my nitrogen is very low around a 7. So before I plant my cool weather crops I need to add some nitrogen. Possably a blood meal 12-0-0 which could raise my ph higher and would over all cost me alot through the entire growing season. Or I could try what my local organic farmers are using and like, Perfect Blend 4-4-4 a chicken manure base product that serves as a one time application.( I like the sound of one time) My only hesitation on applying a 4-4-4 is do I risk increasing the levels greater on my phosphorus and potessium? I need to come to a decision soon and would appreciate anyones expert advise

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