moved four 'Awakening' climbers

14 years ago

Poor things, 3 years ago, I planted these climbing roses to grow as ramblers along my then freshy made corner two foot tall and 4 foot wide, (once the soil settled) berm, which I wanted to keep children from destroying and flattening.

I encouraged these climbers to grow low more horizontal canes and they worked well for discouraging little boys from playing amid the berm. Only problem, was how difficult it was for me to keep the Bermuda grass from not growing amid the Awakening's roots and growing tall amid those thorny canes.

In the following years these roses established so well that they took over and shadded too much my 'Miss Kim' Dwarf lilacs, which I had also planted near the roses along the berm. That problem motivated me to heavily prune back the canes each early spring. This spring pruning would always make the look of these roses to resemble the shape of a shrub rose; that is until, they could send out new canes, which by the end of the growing growing season would have grown long and thick with very large and sharp thorns.

Since the knockout double pink shrub roses, I planted a year ago along the front side of this berm, are now filled out nicely, a few days ago, I finally moved theses four Awakenings, so they will now be able to grow up and along a four foot chain length fence which is directly infront of a 6 foot tall privacy fence.

The Privacy fence will shade these rose's in the afternoon, but these 'Awakenings' will receive full morning and midday sun.

The new planting bed and growing conditions these roses now have been provided, seem much more sane than compared to their old bed, where I had worked so hard to keep them maintained properly, when they grew as very long ramblers along my Northeast yard corner berm.

Now my four 'Awakening' climbing roses are free to grow up and along this airy chainlength fence, and overflow up and over the privacy fence. This repeat bloomer rose cultivar should create a much softer and nicer view than compared to the stark appearing chainlength fence, and ugly background look of the weathered wood, privacy fence.

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