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Using Sawdust/Shaving as primary compost ingred.

11 years ago

Hi All

** I thought I posted this message yesterday but it never showed up, so please excuse me if it shows up twice **

I'm a guitar maker by trade, and generate a ton of cleanish sawdust and wood shavings - Mainly from routers and sanders. I probably get 200 gallons material a month. Traditionally this material has gone in our shops dumpster and in turn to the landfill. However I recently bought a home and plan on making a nice 5 x 5 x 5 compost bin from redwood.

I'm not too concerned about being organic, i'm more concerned with making good cheap ammendment for my garden, and not putting that 200 gallons of quality biodegradable material in the landfill.

I've *never* composted before and this is my first attempt. There are several questions I need a little assistance with - Can any of you help me?

** My goal is to make one large batch at a time, not slowly add to it **

1) Can sawdust/shavings be used as the primary browns ingredient in the compost?

2) What ratio of green matter do I actually have to add? I get some grass clippings, but not a ton.

3) From the research i've done it apears I will have to add nitrogen to the pile. I plan to do this in the form of Urea or Bloodmeal. Is this correct? Is there a feeding scedule I should stick to?

4) How often, and how many times should I have to turn the pile?

5) Approximately how long (ballpark) should the pile take to decompose and be ready for use as ammendment?

6) Any other advise?

Thanks for all your help people!


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