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Misting Systems & RO

16 years ago

The new gh is in need of a reliable method to maintain himidity (and help cool in the coming summer) so I've been studying old posts, researching a bit, but/and have a few questions.

We are on well water, good quality, but (as you would expect) with what I'd call a moderate amount of dissolved solids. I don't have an analysis of the DS but my very strong sense is that if I just use a misting system with an RO, I'm going to have mineral build up on both emmiters, twinwall and plants.

In looking into RO it seems to me that the resulting RO/misting system gets a bit complex. The gh is small, only 9x14 so I'm assuming that a "basic" RO system that outputs something like 35-40 gallons/day is more than adequate.

To use the RO with a misitng system my understanding is that I'd connect the RO system to the existing water line (at about 40-50 psi) and the unit would produce both the "filtered water" AND "waste water". I would trap the filtered water in a holding tank and then have to connect a hight pressure feed pump (with humistadt and solenoid)to that tank to provide the punch for the misting system.

I assume that I would also trap the waste water and pump it (in this case it would be at the very downhill end of our lot) into a gravity drip watering system for the garden (close by).

I'm also assuimg that I could use float switches in both tanks to moderate the flow into the RO system (no sense in making more RO water than I need)and dispense the waste water into the drip system.

This more of less the idea?

Can I (should I) just use a simple off-the-shelf RO package? I can't imagine that the misting system is going to use even the 40 gallons available from a basic system, let alone go to a "commerical package".


Stressbaby, old posts indicate you are using an RO system with a bladder tank. Will this also be necessary in a gh as small as mine?


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