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Hydrangea Paniculata

Has anyone grown the cultivar Pee Wee? (note: NOT Pee GEE). I bought one 3 years ago after someone on this forum suggested it for a problem area I have. I received mine from Forest Farm and it was a nice well grown specimen. Since then it has done everything I wanted except now I'm looking at it's 6 foot height and wondering what the dwarf designation refers to. One of the websites I visited today said it did not refer to its height, as that would be normal Paniculata size (OMGosh! That's way too tall). But other sites (including Forest Farm)say it's dwarf in height, say 4 feet or so. Now I'm used to the northerners getting heights wrong for southern gardens, so the fact that it's already 6 feet or so isn't overly alarming, but has anyone grown this one or can you tell me how to address the height issue via pruning if it grows too tall? Thank you...Maryl

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